Benefits of Migrating the old On-Premise Phones to Cloud Phone Systems

Why use the same phone system that businesses used in the 80’s when advancements in technology have a much easier way? At Call Ring Talk, we have an innovative, and more effective way to handle business phone calls. Here, we’ll take a look at the benefits of migrating your old office phones to cloud phone systems, although there are more.

To begin with, you may be wondering what cloud phone systems are, so below is a brief description.

What are Cloud Phone Systems?

Cloud Phone Systems Basically, cloud phone systems are similar to other cloud hosting services that refer to data services for managing and accessing data on the internet. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a new infrastructure that has recently joined the cloud phenomenon. Cloud phone systems refer specifically to the voice services that replace conventional business phone equipment. As you can see already, this type of service could benefit a business overall. Let’s dig deeper into some of the other, more specific benefits a cloud phone system brings to a business.

#1 Automated Attendants: You can save money by not hiring a receptionist to answer phones. An automated attendant allows your callers to choose who they need to speak to after they hear the greeting and select an option.

#2 Call Forwarding: You have the convenience of forwarding your telephone calls to another user, your cell phone, or another number.

#3 Call Logs: Instead of having written messages all over your desk, you can search and review all the telephone calls your team receives, and makes. This is another way to provide great customer service.

#4 Call Parking: No matter where you are, you can put your caller on hold, and allow another user on your team to pick it up from any phone (including their cell).

#5 Call Recording: You don’t have to commit to memory every conversation you have. You can record all your calls and easily play them back any time you want. So you can always be prepared for meetings, and won’t forget any document you said you’d bring.

#6 Tag Calls: You can tag the caller of your incoming calls, so you’ll know why they are calling you before you even pick up the phone.

#7 ID Switching: Whenever you place a call you can choose the caller ID that will show up on their phone. This is great if you’re on your cell while you’re camping and want to make a business call.

#8 Conference Calls: You can get multiple people on the phone instantly, without having to do any set up.

#9 Email Alerts: You can set up email alerts to your cell each time that you miss a phone call.

#10 Mobile App: You can download the fee Call Ring Talk mobile app so you can get calls from anywhere.

These are just a few of the benefits, there are many more.

If you want to test out these benefits, it’s time to migrate the old on premise phones to a cloud phone system for your business, visit our website and try our demo.