Business Telephone System in Tampa

A business telephone system might be one of the last things a new business owner wants to think about setting up. Many people may not realize that a business has to have a specific phone system that will allow calls to be put on hold, transferred, or automatically answered with automated attendants. Without these common business phone features, customers may begin to doubt the professionalism of a company. A dedicated phone system in Tampa can take a small business to the next level in customer service and expertise.

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What is a Business Phone System?

A business phone system in Tampa is a kind of multiline PBX phone system which can also be classified as a key system, a hybrid system, or private branch exchanges. It differs from a simple telephone with multiple lines because any central office lines are accessible from multiple telephones with business-related call handling features. A business phone system allows for an entire office building to be connected without the hassle and cost of multiple, separate phone lines.

What is a Private Branch Exchange?

A private branch exchange, or a PBX, is a telephone system in Tampa that serves a particular business or office, as opposed to one that a carrier or company operates for many businesses or for the public. A PBX makes connections between internal telephones in an organization or company and also connects to the public telephone network via trunk lines. Though there is technically no longer anything being “exchanged,” the tradition of PBX as an abbreviation has remained.

A PBX can sometimes be difficult for a small company to run without help, so a hosted setup for this phone system in Tampa can be found. The PBX is then located and managed by a provider, like Call Ring Talk, and calls or features are delivered via the internet. The “cloud,” or the places of the internet where files can be remotely stored and shared, is used to its full potential with an off-site PBX. Traditional phone lines no longer need to be relied upon, and accidents without telephone poles will no longer interrupt phone service.

Why is a Private Branch Exchange Suitable for My Small Business?

In the past, PBX phone systems were far outside the budget of a small business. With the introduction of a hosted PBX phone system in Tampa, however, small businesses and even individual consumers can afford this system. A PBX can be extremely flexible, suitable for any type of business; pick-and-choose features are often a main benefit for this type of phone system.

Without a phone line, businesses can miss out on many potentially customers. If there is no opportunity to leave a message after-hours or be transferred to a specific department for assistance, customers may not bother dealing with this time-consuming customer service and take their money elsewhere. If your business does not have a phone system in Tampa, no matter the size, there’s no reason to delay any longer than the length of one phone call.