Custom voicemail, hold music and more for each department

Create customized prompts and greetings for each group (department) in your business.

Call groups are sets of users that you can pool together to have a common extension, voicemail and other features.

Use call groups to assign a separate extension number, hold music, voicemail box, auto-attendant, answering rules and more for each department in your company.

You can also set specific answering rules for each group extension, so that whenever a new call comes in for that call group, CallRingTalk can ring multiple group members simultaneously or in a defined order. Call groups are the easy way to personalize the phone interactions of each department in your business, and helps customers and employee get maximum value out of CallRingTalk’s features.

Call groups can be created by particular regions or functions or any other category you want, so customers can access different teams based on their needs directly.

Group Features

  • Individual Extension and Voicemail

    Each call group gets its own name and extension number. All group extensions are visible through the dashboard. Click on a call group or dial the group extension to reach employees in that specific group.

  • Group Voicemail

    Each call group has a separate voicemail, with its own custom greeting, to receive messages. All the users in the call group can access these messages. The voicemail left for a group is automatically copied to all of the user’s personal voicemail boxes too.

  • Custom Hold Music

    You can upload different hold music and messages for different departments (groups) in your business. For instance, your sales call group can promote an upcoming promo in their hold music, while your billing department can play a message informing customers of exchange policies.

  • Customizable Answering Rules

    Answering rules let you distribute calls according to the experience of the employees, their function, availability or any other criteria. You can also specify call forwarding rules and set a time limit for sending calls to voicemail. You can change the rules any time to route calls in any order.

  • Simultaneous Ring

    When someone calls a call group, all the people in the call group will ring. The first user to answer will take the call. With Simultaneous Ring, incoming calls can be answered by any member in your team for speedy operations.

  • Sequential Ring

    You can set up a sequence of people who will be rung. For instance, the call will ring at Person A’s number for 20 seconds, and if there is no answer, the call will then ring at person B and C simultaneously for 20 seconds and so on. If there is no answer, you can set it to go to Voicemail. This sort of sequential ringing enables you to ring people in order of hierarchy or availability. It means that not everyone will have their phone ringing every time a call comes in, but also that there is backup in case a particular person is busy.

  • At-a-glance information

    Your dashboard will list all the call groups in your business. Click any group listed in your dashboard to see which department or team it covers, along with the names and phone numbers of all the people in the group. Think of it as a directory for your entire business, organized by function or department, so you can easily look up who is performing which function and how large a team is.

  • Easy to Modify

    Add more people to a call group, change the extensions, voicemail messages or the order in which people are rung anytime you want through your dashboard.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Route Calls efficiently

    As each department or team gets its own extension, callers can be routed more efficiently to the specific team they need.

  • Help callers quickly

    It doesn’t matter if a member of your group is busy when a call comes in. The simultaneous ring feature of groups will ensure that multiple people in the group are rung, so anyone can answer the call. This ensures callers get served faster, by whoever happens to be available.

  • Increase productivity

    You don’t have to interrupt your work to take every call that comes into your department. Whoever is free can take the call. This feature saves employees from distraction and improves overall office productivity.

  • Appear professional

    Create different groups for each department such as sales, accounting, etc. No matter the size of your business, you will always come across as professional and organized.