View detailed call records. Analyze your phone traffic.

CallRingTalk’s call logs give you a complete record of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls on your business phones.

What type of info can you see? You’ll get a detailed record of all phone number from/to which calls are made, along with the time and duration of each call.

In today’s metric-driven business environment, call logs can give you real-time business intelligence such as number of sales calls made per month or which area code your customers are calling from.

Filter months of call data easily through your dashboard. Save call logs into excel files, review the details, and act on it to boost your business.

Call Log Features

  • Monitor who is on a call

    Detailed records of every call made are available in one place. Access is easy—simply log in to the admin portal to view the records. Admins can view all call logs for all employees across the organization and individual users can view their own personal call details.

  • Search by date and time

    Looking for call activity during a certain time period? You can easily put in a start time and date and an end time and date for the report. We will show you call logs results only for that duration.

  • Easy to analyze call data

    Export comprehensive call data to an Excel document and analyze it with your favourite CRM software. Print the call data or email it to others for analysis.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Study Customer Interaction

    Call Logs yields many metrics to see how your business is interacting with customers. One such metric could be average time to resolve complaints by phone. You can also see customers’ location through their area codes, who they talked to and when. This customer interaction data can provide valuable marketing or operations insight to boost profits.

  • Employee management

    Keep track of employee phone usage and see who your employees are calling and who is calling them. Find out if your sales force is making enough calls or if your customer service department is receiving an extraordinary number of complaints.

  • Listen to Call Recordings

    We’ve integrated call recordings with call logs. This means that the audio recording of a call is stored alongside that call’s log information. So you can easily listen to the conversation and access detailed information—like the numbers of the callers, the date and duration of the recorded call—all at once via Call Logs.

  • Analyze Sales

    Gain insight into the sales side of your business through call logs. Learn valuable info like how long payment processing by phone takes, and when successful sales calls were conducted.

  • Figure out Call Management

    Find out whether business phones are being used effectively. Figure out which phones have greater traffic, and if you need to dedicate more employees and resources to handle calls at a particular time or in a specific department.