See who is free to talk — at a glance

Park incoming calls, which can later be answered from anywhere, on any device, by anyone.

The cloud is your parking lot—a resting place for a call until someone picks it up. With CallRingTalk’s call parking feature, you can hold and transfer multiple calls at the same time.

Call Parking puts the caller on hold at a specific extension, and the call can then be answered even at a different location. It’s ideal for when the caller isn’t looking for anyone specific at your business, but anyone in a department can help them. In such cases, use call parking to quickly get callers the help they need.


  • A Simple system to hold multiple calls

    Call Parking is an easy way to hold onto multiple calls at once. To park a call, transfer it into a pre-specified parking slot, with its own extension number. Our system will hold your call at this extension in the cloud, while an automated voice will repeat the parking spot/extension number. Note the number and convey it to whoever you wish.

    The person who wants to take the call can access it by dialing the spot number. A designated slot for each new call eliminates confusion while transferring calls.

  • Flexible Parking

    Call Parking is available for both inbound and outbound calls and on any desk phone, mobile device or softphone.

  • Easy to Park and Retrieve Calls

    Park calls by transferring them into a pre-specified parking slot, where the caller will be played custom hold music. Retrieve the call from any phone by dialing the slot extension and immediately connect with the caller on the line.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Calls answered by any team member

    For general sales enquiries or customer support calls, park the call in a spot instead of transferring to a specific employee who may or may not be available. Find out which employee, agent or team member is free, give them the park slot and they can then step up to handle the parked call quickly.

  • Useful for on-the-go employees

    Call Parking is a handy feature for employees who “roam”the office, warehouse or facility. Supervisors who are always on the go can now take calls from wherever they are.

  • Take Calls Anywhere

    Call Parking simplifies business travel too. Even if your employees are on the road, they can still retrieve any call from the cloud.

  • No more transfer roulette

    Callers hate being transferred around. Don’t frustrate them by sending them from extension to extension or to voicemail. Use Call Parking to “park” them on hold, while they hear high-quality music or marketing messages and announce the park slot to your employees so the next available employee can directly pick up the call by dialing the right extension.

  • Make more Sales

    When callers call with specific sale enquiries, say for a custom car or a residential property, some of your sales reps might be busy. The worst thing to do would be to make them hold on the line while you go to look for who’s free. Instead, simply park the call and announce the parking slot over the PA or through IM and emails. Any available sales rep take the call to complete the sale.

  • Privacy and freedom of movement

    Presence increases office productivity since employees can transfer calls faster, call each other at mutually convenient times and see who is available for a conference call or meeting.