Get high-quality recordings of crucial calls

Don’t struggle to take down notes during important calls. Or buy expensive call recording equipment. Instead, use CallRingTalk’s premium, on-demand call recording service to capture crucial phone conversations for easy playback and review.

Call Recording service is ultra-simple to setup. Use the dashboard to set a user to be recorded and the system will automatically record all inbound/outbound calls to that user’s number—no buttons to press after that! Review these recordings anytime to train staff, solve disputes or to support vital business transactions.

Call Recording Features

  • Hassle-free and Affordable

    Traditional phone systems require additional equipment to record calls, are tedious to setup and often end up giving poor quality audio. Our service is affordable, easy and always high-quality.

  • Easy to Setup

    Setup auto-recording for one or multiple users with a simple click. Once activated for a team or extension, all inbound/outbound calls for the number are automatically recorded. You can turn call recordings on or off anytime with a click.

  • Record all or select calls

    Set the feature to automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls for an extension or manually click record to capture specific calls.

  • Professional Quality

    Get high-quality, reliable recordings of your conversations, every time.

  • Better-Connected Workplace

    Call Recordings are saved as mp3 files in Call Logs. Login to your account and access recorded calls from the dashboard. Each recorded call has a play button next to it so you can listen to it any time. Additional storage is available, if required.

  • Detailed Call Logs

    Call Recordings are presented alongside call logs so you can get detailed information like number of the caller, date and duration of the calls recorded.

  • Filter calls by Date or Extension Number

    Use the call logs filter to search calls by user, date range or time.

  • Any type of Call or Device

    Record any type of call– transferred calls, webinars or one-on-one conversations. No additional equipment or software is needed. Calls can be recorded on softphones or deskphones.

How Call Recordings Can Benefit Your Business

  • Store Important Information

    Record all calls where technical information, directions or any other crucial business info is being passed on. Keep accurate data of verbal business agreements or transactions.

  • Work efficiently

    Focus on your phone interaction instead of being distracted by taking notes. You can always replay conversations for reference or details.

  • Improve Employee Performance

    Record interactions with customers with quality assurance purposes. This incentivizes employees to provide the best service possible. Use these recordings to train employees or let employees perform self-reviews to raise their skill levels.

  • Settle Disputes

    Call recordings come in handy for dispute protection. Keep recordings of large sales orders, or customers acknowledging receipt of goods/services.

  • Meet legal requirements

    Record the calls you need to meet any legal or compliance requirements.