Serve customers better with Call Tagging

Easily identify the number that was dialed for any incoming call

CallRingTalk’s Call Tagging lets you to create and assign short tags to different numbers. When a customer calls that number, the tag associated with that number will pop up on the screen too.

For example, a short text (tag), such as ACC for Accounting or SALES for Sales, will be displayed next to each incoming call. You can create any tag you like for any number in your business, and use it as a shortcut to remind you instantly why a caller is calling that number, and also to customize your greetings and interactions with the caller.

Call Tagging is most beneficial when the same physical phone is used for multiple numbers. You can start off by saying “Thanks for calling department X” instead of by asking “Which department have you called?” It’s a small gesture, yet in business, it’s usually the small gestures that can convert a prospect into a devoted customer. Call tagging makes customers feel well-received because they were greeted with awareness. They save precious time and have a seamless experience across your business.

Call Tagging Features

  • Custom short tags for each number or extension

    Create custom tags for each department within your business. So when a caller listens to menu options and hits 0 for operator, the call tag OPER will flash next to their number. If they press 1 for Sales, then the tag SALES will flash next to their number, and so on.

  • Create tags for Groups

    You can also create custom tags for each group—that is for each department or group of employees that share the same function. When customers choose to be forwarded to a particular group through an automated attendant, custom tags will be displayed next to their number to intimate employees which group/service the caller is looking for.

  • Free Service

    Call Tagging is a free service that is easily accessible through the dashboard.

Benefits to your Business

  • Easier for employees to answer calls

    In a rapidly growing business, sometimes a single employee can perform multiple functions. For example, an employee may be responsible both for sales and for support, splitting his time equally between the two roles. When a call comes in to his office phone, it can save him valuable time if he can read the call tag and know instantly which department the call is for.

  • Boost customer experience

    Call Tagging eliminates customers’ frustration of having to clarify which department they’re calling, even though they dialed the right department extension. Imagine a call coming through to the employee who does both sales and support duties. Customers might have already gone past an auto-attendant or live receptionist to get to this employee, and yet when they reach him, he doesn’t know what department the call is for! You can easily avoid this scenario. Call Tagging makes sure that employees know what the call is about before they pick up, so that they can serve customers better.

  • Supplement Caller ID information

    Caller ID lets you know a lot about customers, including their location, but it tells you very little about the purpose of their call. Call tagging lets you go a step further by giving you a quick reminder of the department they’re calling for

  • For multiple businesses under one roof

    For companies where multiple brands or businesses share employees and operate out of the same office, call tagging is an easy and efficient way to decipher which department the call is for. For example, if you’ve got a real estate company that both sells AND manages property, having a different number and call tag for each of these functions can make it easy to impress customers: instead of asking the caller whether they’d like buy or rent, you already know their need before you answer their call!

  • For special ads

    You may use a special number for a radio ad, and tag the calls to that number with “RADIO.” This is important information while you’re picking up the call, because you can greet customers with a thank you message for listening to your radio ad, or give them a special price that was advertised only on the radio. A warm first impression with customized service can set the tone for a great sale.

  • Gather marketing data

    If you’ve assigned a special number for a particular marketing campaign, you can use Call Tagging to know how many leads have responded to that particular campaign.