In-call transfers to any phone or extension in your business

Transfer incoming calls to any phone, extension or colleague around the world, with ease and flexibility. Transfers can be internal (within the office) or external (to outside numbers or to personal phones) and you can direct calls to any device—desk, mobile or cloud phone.

Transfers can be anywhere in the United States and all local and long distance transfers have free and unlimited calling. You can even transfer calls internationally at low rates.

Call Transfer Features

  • In-call transfers

    With in-call transfers, callers don’t need to call back on another number. Nor do they need to wait on the line while you go looking for the transfer recipient. The transfer button is a convenient and speedy solution to passing-the-phone-around and endless wait times!

  • Warm Transfer

    You can place the caller on hold and first speak with the person to whom you’re transferring the call. Warm transfers (also called attended transfers) let you check if the transfer recipient is available to take the call and pass on caller details before making the transfer.

  • Calls on the Road

    Route calls to any number you want when you’re out of the office, so your business can go with you wherever you go.

  • Easy to Modify

    You’re in control, always! You can easily change directory options, greetings and features for any attendant anytime you want. Want to route calls to a live person during certain times? No problem. Want to give callers more or less options? Go right ahead! Set the rules for your automated attendants—and change them—anytime you need.

How Call Transfer Will Boost Your Business Operations

  • Save Money

    Reduce your costs and IT expenses, as the automated attendant system is cloud-based and needs no new equipment or maintenance.

  • Save Time

    Save precious employee time and boost overall productivity. Save callers time by routing calls quickly and accurately.

  • Increase Sales Opportunities

    Now you’ll never miss a call or business inquiry, since the automated attendant works 24/7. Upsell and promote new offers through messages to callers while they are on-hold.

  • Get important messages in front of Customers

    Custom Greetings lets you publicize an ongoing sale or promotion, announce important company news, give store directions, run through FAQs, etc. You get to put the most important message in front of your callers and focus it on whatever will benefit your business the most at that time. As your business needs change, so can your message.

  • Convey a Polished Image

    Greeting callers with custom messages conveys a professional tone and image. If your business has more than one branch or office, record a uniform greeting for all locations to convey a strong brand identity. In case of emergencies or unexpected events, the auto-attendant can re-route calls in real time, so you can continue doing business. Automated attendants deliver precision and efficiency—qualities expected from a thriving business.

  • Keep Callers Happy

    Deliver fast and efficient service to callers. Keep caller interaction pleasant– no more delays, busy lines or mix-ups while transferring calls. Every call is answered quickly by automated attendants, callers are given shortcut opportunities to reach the person they need directly and routed accurately. Callers who want one-on-one interaction can also be routed easily to the first available employee at your business.

  • Be Location Independent

    Build a location independent business by routing calls to wherever your employees are. For example, sales agents can pick up calls on the road or the after-hours contact can have urgent calls routed to a home number.