Business Phone System

Communication for the Multi-Location Business

Business Phone SystemIn days past the world of business telephone communication was a cumbersome and difficult one, especially if you had a business with multiple locations. It usually required dedicated business phone service, with dozens of lines, each one carefully routed to a cumbersome phone system that sat in a closet at each location.

For a business with multiple locations, most older and even current systems do not allow for transfers between different external locations, forcing the customer to hang up and physically dial the other location. It used to be that a business would have to employ a different receptionist in each location, and a dropped call or mishandled transfer may have added to a customer’s frustration, and possibly cost you their business.

Just like inter-office mail and messengers were replaced by scanners, fax machines, and email, Call Ring Talk replaces that sprawling web of telephone lines with a modern, streamlined service. Working under the same basic premise as your computer network, Call Ring Talk sets your voice communication to function through multiple locations, and even remotely from your cell phone or mobile device, with a single business phone number that will save you resources, money, and time.


Call Ring Talk is completely customizable to serve the needs of any business. 6:00 PM in New York? The Los Angeles office can answer. Calls can be rerouted to different locations based on time of day. You can also create call groups, custom menus, and directories exactly the way you want them. The system can be designed to meet the needs of any national medium-sized corporation or a small business with multiple locations. Even if your receptionist is half way across the country, your customer calls will be answered.

Customizable Hold Music

Don’t want to bore callers with elevator music? Hold music can be uploaded from your own library, giving your business precisely the feel you want it to have. Whether you are an attorney with multiple offices or a trendy new tech start-up, your hold music can reflect your unique business. You can even deliver customized marketing messages to your customers while they are on hold, adding interest and value to their time spent on hold.


The modern business cannot be chained to an office. Information has to be able to travel into the hands of the people that need it. With Call Ring Talk your gateway to information is never closed. Your voicemails are sent as an MP3 file directly to your email inbox.  Remember the “Telephone” game, where a single message, passed through twenty people, would come out the other side completely different? Calls can be logged and recorded easily, so that critical detail that came up when you were in your car and without a pen can be reviewed at any time, or passed to the next set of ears without risk of losing something in translation.


Because Call Ring Talk is Internet based and works through the cloud, the entire system is accessible from anywhere you are. Your business numbers can be forwarded to any mobile phone if needed. Voicemail is accessible from any web browser. Set up multi-caller conferences with ease, without the necessity of special hardware or complicated procedures. No matter where your offices are located, everyone can be on the same page at the same time.

It doesn’t even require expensive phones and wiring to be installed. Try Call Ring Talk for free now, or watch our video at Modernize your voice communication, and bring your business into the 21st century.

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