Teleconference rooms for on-the-go business meetings

What can you do when a group of people in your business need to meet together but they’re all scattered around the world?

The Conference Call feature solves this problem by providing a cloud-based conference room where callers can dial in and talk to each other as a group.

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational company, it’s sometimes impossible to get multiple stakeholders in the same room for a meeting. Now, there’s no need to meet face to face or carry on long email correspondences.

Get together virtually to brainstorm new ideas and freely talk to other team members. Conference Calls are private and can be password-protected, so you can hold confidential and important meetings without a worry.

Conference Calls are the closest substitute to physically being in a conference room together and let you get together virtually no matter where you are in the world—at your desk, on the go or at home.

Conference Call Features

  • Multiple Participants

    Most phones only provide  three-way conference calls, but business teams often need to get multiple people on a call to discuss issues.

  • Easily Accessible

    Conference Calls are quick and easy to setup and participate in. Create a new Conference Call through the dashboard, put a password on it, and email the attendees the required extension and password. Anyone can dial-in from their dashboard, from an internal phone or externally from anywhere in the world. There is no need to “start” a Conference Call—it is always ready to use, and is compatible with any phone system.

  • View all attendees

    Easily view who is on the conference call via the dashboard.

  • No reservation

    Conference Calls do not require a schedule or reservation. They are easy to set up in a few seconds. Pass on the extension number to anyone you want.

  • Convenient and free

    The Conference Call feature is a conference bridge that is integrated with your CallRingTalk package and doesn’t require any third-party conference software or equipment. It is a free feature with CallRingTalk, and it comes with HD voice quality and no interruptions!

  • Secure Environment

    Conference Calls provides a secure environment for meetings. Put a password on your conference if you need privacy. This will allow only those people who know the password to participate.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Bring together teams

    Connect teams that are spread out across multiple locations. Anyone from anywhere can dial in to attend the conference and connect with others via their phones. Conference Calls are ideal for brainstorming sessions, staff meetings, interviews and weekly sales calls.

  • Use for Trainings

    Conference Call services are great for training new recruits or to conduct sales and customer support trainings. It gives you the chance to speak to multiple attendees at once and hear from all of them.