Welcome to your Phone’s Home Base


Make and receive calls, and manage all CallRingtalk features from your dashboard.

The dashboard organizes your complete phone system in one place. All of the applications, extensions, features and phone numbers that make up the CallRingTalk phone system are displayed on one screen—known as the Dashboard.

It’s a Management Portal

The Dashboard serves as your one-stop management system to access, view and modify every aspect of the CallRingTalk phone system. Log into your dashboard to change any feature, create new users, or add-on new services.

Want to change your business’ greeting for Thanksgiving? Need to look up a call log? Want to setup an after-hours auto attendant? You can make any of these changes with a few simple clicks through the dashboard.

It also has a Webphone

The CallRingTalk dashboard also features a webphone that lets you make and receive calls to/from anywhere around the world. Of course, the webphone also provides unlimited calling within the US and low rates for international calls.

You can not only make/receive calls through the webphone, but also check your voicemail, transfer calls, see Presence, and more. The webphone is designed to be a 1 to 1 substitute for your physical phone system. That means you could even eliminate your desk phone completely, but still get all the same benefits via the webphone.

Even if you use a physical phone most of the time, you can use your dashboard to get additional functionality—like viewing the Presence of all the people in your business.


What Features can you Manage through the Dashboard?

Automated Attendants

Automated Attendants

Auto-attendants are free virtual receptionists that greet callers with custom messages and route them to any department, employee or number you want.

Call Logs

Call Logs

Call Logs are detailed call records that show the phone number, date, time and duration for all your incoming, outgoing and missed calls. These logs are useful in optimizing your business phone traffic.

Call Recording

Call Recording

Record important phone calls and playback or download these recordings anytime, for review, training and legal purposes.

Conference Calls

Conference Calls

Free, high-quality phone conference service that helps team members located anywhere speak together— just as if they were sitting in a conference room.

Emergency Call Forwarding

Emergency Call Forwarding

Emergency call forwarding routes your calls to a backup number and keeps your business running even during an emergency.



Groups lets you create a separate extension, custom hold music, voicemail, auto-attendant and more for each department in your business.

Music on Hold

Music on Hold

Music on Hold plays custom music and marketing messages to your callers on hold, and boosts your customer service and marketing efforts.



Set up custom voicemail boxes and greetings for each extension, user or group in your business.

Dashboard Features

  • All-in-One Phone System

    The Dashboard gives you access to a complete phone system, that lets you see all its services in one place. The web-based phone provides full functionality, just like a physical phone, including the ability to transfer calls, put calls on hold or even conduct call conference. Thanks to the webphone in your dashboard, you may never have to buy a physical phone again.

    In fact, the webphone also one-ups traditional phone systems by providing some additional features like Visual Voicemail and Presence, that are absent in most physical phones.

  • Access from anywhere

    Use your phone or your computer to log in to your dashboard. You can use the dashboard from anywhere—and on any device— with an internet connection.

    The dashboard can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. You’re no longer bound to a desk phone. Make and take calls on the road, view presence and call details from anywhere you are, and even participate in multi-party conference calls.

  • Easy to Modify

    Add more people to a group, change the extensions, voicemail messages or the order in which people are rung anytime you want through your dashboard.

  • Real-time information

    Your dashboard lists all Groups in your business and shows you real-time information about the activities of others in your business. For instance, the dashboard shows you the names, phone numbers and auto-attendants of all the people in a particular group or department in your business. You can also see the Presence of any person or if they are in a conference call currently. The chat feature allows you to communicate quickly in real time with anyone across your organization.

  • Chat with colleagues

    One of the exclusive features of the dashboard is that it contains a chat room where you can communicate with anyone within your organization who has a CallRingTalk account. The chat room is perfect for quick collaborations. Leave messages, fire off quick questions, get instant replies and work more efficiently even if you are miles away from your office.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Make and Receive Calls

    The webphone lets you make and receive unlimited calls within the U.S.

  • Shortcut to Features

    Get straight to the voicemail you want to hear. Or select a call recording you want to hear and play it back anytime. The dashboard lets you bypass tedious processes to get to what you want instantly.

  • Manage all other features

    The dashboard is your home base—from where you can control every other app, widget and feature of CallRingTalk.

  • Rollout new users quickly

    Eliminate the delays and hassle of setting up new phones and connections every time you hire a new employee. As your business grows, you can easily add new users to the CallRingTalk network through the dashboard. Team members don’t need additional equipment and can use their existing phones or computers to get full-range phone services.

  • Convenience and Ease

    With most physical phone systems, you have to contact the service provider even if you want to make a small change, like adding another extension. Our dashboard eliminates that time-suck and simplifies phone system management. It offers you the convenience of having all the features of CallRingTalk in one place. Navigate to any feature you want, and modify it with a few simple clicks. Save on time and increase productivity across the business.

  • Save money on equipment and services

    If you use the webphone for calling, you won’t need to purchase a desk phone or cell phone—ever. Besides saving money on equipment, you save money on cell phone plans too. Even add-on services, such as custom greetings or hold music, are free on the webphone, resulting in additional cost savings.

  • Free to use

    There are no additional charges for the dashboard—it’s a FREE service included in the cost of whatever CallRingTalk package you choose.