Hear a distinctive ring tone whenever a client calls you

CallRingTalk’s distinctive ring service plays a different ring tone for calls that originate from outside the office, as opposed to calls made from within the office. Distinctive Ring lets you know automatically whether the call is coming from a customer or a colleague, and gives you a heads-up so that you can put your best foot forward when answering calls.

Distinctive Ring Features

  • Distinctive ring tones for internal vs. external calls

    Your phone will ring differently whenever the call originates from outside the office and its extensions. Calls from outside the business are given their own distinctive ring tone that allows you to identify them easily. You can thus easily distinguish between a call from a colleague and a call from a customer.

  • Easy to setup

    You can enable and disable distinctive ring through the dashboard. Select distinctive ringtones for incoming calls from different origins. Easily select a unique ring tone to announce whenever a call is coming from outside phone numbers.

Benefits to your Business

  • Greet customers professionally

    Distinctive ring is a useful feature when you’re knee-deep in work and cannot check the caller ID to see who is calling you. All numbers from outside the business will ring a different tune, to alert you that it could be a customer or client on the line. It gives you time to prepare to greet customers in the best possible manner

  • Improve customer service

    Instead of answering calls absent-mindedly or casually, you’ll be prepared to speak professionally whenever a client call comes in. Give customers and vendors a warm greeting to enhance their interaction with your business.