Get email notifications for any call you make, take or miss

Get call logs and voicemail notifications in your email.

CallRingTalk’s email notifications feature sends emails to you about three types of calls: received calls, placed calls, and missed calls. You can customize settings to choose whether you’d like to receive emails for one or all of three types of calls. You also get voicemail recordings delivered to your email inbox as mp3 attachments.

Email Notifications Features

  • Instant notifications

    Get instant notifications delivered directly to your inbox whenever you someone leaves you a voicemail, or whenever you make, take or miss a call.

  • Custom options

    You can choose to not get any notification or get emails only when you miss a call or receive a call. You’re in control of email notifications and can easily customize the settings via the dashboard to suit your needs.

  • Voicemail delivered as attachments

    You can get all voicemails delivered right into your email inbox as an attachment. Playback this voicemail right in your browser or download it for listening later. You can even forward the attached mp3 to others for follow-up and collaboration.

  • Communication summary

    Every time you get a call notification, you’re also emailed a brief digest or summary of the last five calls between you and the other number. You also get a host of other useful information including the date and time when the call took place, caller IDs and the duration of the call.

  • Entire record of all communications

    Ever had a customer email you referencing a previous conversation, but now you can’t remember when that call occurred? Today we alternate between email and phone to conduct business, so it pays to have a centralized record of all your call logs (incoming, outgoing and missed calls) and emails for a particular customer in one place. This allows you to access the entire communication history with a client, return calls and create seamless interaction with the client.

  • On all devices

    Notifications are emailed to any account you want, and you can of course access your email on any device you want—phone, computer or tablet.

  • Use any email client

    Get email notifications no matter what email client you use—Outlook, Gmail or other companies.

Benefits to your Business

  • Search all communication with Clients

    With email notifications, your email will act as a database of all communications with the client. Type in a client’s name in your email’s search box, and easily view your interaction history with any particular client. Email notifications are also handy if you need to call a client from the road but their phone number is not on your cell. In such situations, you can quickly look at your email and view their number.

  • Email back when you can’t call

    You might be in an important meeting or conference when you receive a notification that you’ve missed a call. Even if you can’t leave the meeting to call the client back, you can always email them back and get in touch. Email notifications let you multitask and stay in contact with clients even when you’re otherwise busy.

  • Focus on working

    Getting notifications of all calls in your emails lets you continue working without checking your phone or logging into your dashboard constantly to see if you’ve missed a call from an important customer.

  • No need to login to dashboard

    You can always access all call log information through the dashboard, but at times when you’re out for lunch, on vacation or any other time when your dashboard is not open, you can easily check your emails to get call log information for a particular client.

  • Google caller’s information

    Each email notification contains a convenient “Google the Number” link that allows you to quickly search for information about any number on Google. If you get a call from an unknown number that is not in your system, you can search Google to know exactly who the number belongs to.