Power Out? We have your back

When your power or internet goes out, our emergency forwarding feature routes calls to a backup number, so that you can continue doing business.

Broadband failure. Electrical Outage. IT disaster. A business emergency can come in any form—and usually arrives when you least expect it. Such unforeseen emergencies can often bring down your entire business communication system. That means no calls, lost sales and a shaky reputation.

Our emergency call forwarding service protects against such an event. CallRingTalk automatically detects when your phone has lost its internet connection or power, and instantaneously kicks into emergency forwarding mode. No matter what happens, we make sure that your calls are routed to your designated emergency number so that you always stay connected to your customers.

Emergency Forwarding Features

  • Your phone disaster recovery plan

    We provide an easy recovery solution when your phone system meets with disaster. Your calls are forwarded to an alternate number, so you never miss any important call.

  • Backup for any local emergency

    A 360-degree business phone solution needs to be able to handle any kind of problem, no matter how big or small. CallRingTalk is hosted from secure facilities located across the country, so we continue to work on your behalf even in the face of local emergencies.

  • Across multiple phones and locations

    Emergency forwarding works no matter what phone you have—desk phone, smartphone or softphone. You also have the option to route calls to any type of phone in any location. Each person can specify their individual emergency forward number to route calls to whichever backup number or phone is convenient for them.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Keep phones up and running

    Your callers will never know that you’ve lost your connectivity or that you’re going through a power outage. Instead of hearing out-of-service notices or a dead signal, they’ll simply get forwarded to your emergency call forward number, where they’ll hear your usual greetings, menu options, etc. Callers will be routed to the backup number until you can resume the use of your normal phone systems.

  • Be always-available

    You can’t stop tornadoes or floods, but you can definitely put in place a backup system to provide uninterrupted communication. Our emergency call forwarding service helps you appear professional around-the-clock, even in the middle of a crisis.

  • For small or large businesses

    Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, things can go wrong at any level. No matter the size of your organization, we can provide phone continuity for critical numbers, such as the ones posted on your website, or those belonging to your key contacts.

  • Inexpensive

    As with most of our features, emergency call forwarding is free. No need to purchase new hardware or software.

  • Must for emergency-prone areas

    In disaster-prone zones, or areas where internet and phone outages are common, an emergency call forwarding service is practically necessary for smooth functioning.

  • Automatic and Immediate

    Emergency call forwarding takes over automatically whenever you’re power or internet falters. You don’t need to call our offices or battle with customer service. The service will automatically ring whatever alternate number(s) you’ve provided.

  • Easy and simple to setup

    Organize your back-up phone system in seconds. Simply login to your dashboard, specify your emergency call forwarding number and you’re done!