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Cloud Based Business Phone Solutions for Ft. Lauderdale

Only 23 miles north of bustling Miami, on the Atlantic coast of Florida, lies the picturesque Ft. Lauderdale. Home to around 165,000 people, Ft. Lauderdale is part of the much larger Miami metropolitan area. Sometimes known as the “Venice of America”, Ft. Lauderdale attracts around 12 million visitors a year, generating business worth $9.8 billion! Then there is Port Everglades, where 12 cruise lines operate, sailing 45 ships from this location. These cruise lines employ more than 100,000 people and carry some 1.5 million people a year. With excellent tourist attractions, international standard convention centers and hotels, enticing shopping destinations, numerous arts and entertainment attractions, and a happening sailing, golfing and fishing scene, Ft. Lauderdale is a premier business hub, attracting all kinds of domestic and international business.

  • Group Chat Room

    With such potential to make money, it is important for any local company to have a business phone system. While businesses may have phones, their systems may lack the ability to communicate via internal chat. A comprehensive Ft. Lauderdale business phone service like ours offers an internal group chat room right on your dashboard. Since most phone systems do not offer this feature, it can prove to be an excellent choice because the chat room provides internal users a great method of communicating with each other, without worrying about external users accessing the chat room.

  • Conference Calling

    Conference calls can now be conducted with ease using a Ft. Lauderdale business phone system. Boring conference room meetings with co workers are not necessary anymore. Plus, customers and coworkers in multiple locations can be part of a discussion, any time, any day. With virtual meetings online, business can be done without having to leave the office, freeing up valuable time that business persons and employees always find themselves short on. Demonstrations can be conducted in real time, with co workers or associates in distant parts of the world.

  • Voicemail to MP3

    A Ft. Lauderdale phone system would also offer a voicemail to MP3 feature. Using an integrated voicemail to MP3 feature is highly useful because business professionals can access their voicemail via email rather than having to call the voice mailbox, and then listen to the message. It also helps professionals keep their voicemail organized by saving the different MP3 files according to date, client, or however they want to on their computer.

  • Call Routing

    With a Ft. Lauderdale PBX, customers, clients, business associates, co workers, and employees can all reach you at one dedicated number if you so choose. Or you can have separate numbers for different groups of people. Now you will not miss any important call because you can set up call routing schedules that forward calls to different phone numbers throughout the day.

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