Green Day Cafe

Green Day Café

Green Day CafeGreen Day Café embraces a completely green and healthy lifestyle that is good for its customers and the environment. They use green building materials, sustainable products, and a no-waste policy that is ingrained in their staff. In their pursuit to maintain a zero carbon footprint, Green Day Café turned to Call Ring Talk for its phone system.

Green Day Café has multiple locations, which are linked with their cloud phone system. This system allows customers to reach different locations from one central phone number. The different store locations can also communicate with one another by utilizing the intercom and paging systems.

Are You There?

With Call Ring Talk, you can see if a user is on the phone, who they are talking to, and how long they have been on the line. That’s a great feature if you need to talk to a manager at another store. It’s also one that Green Day Café uses to manage communications.

Ordering Made Easy

Green Day Café has found a way to leverage Call Ring Talk’s routing capabilities for processing orders. All takeout and catering orders are routed to the corporate office and organized there. This way, the individual restaurants can focus on the important duty of taking care of customers.


The recording feature allows Green Day Café to use their phone system for quality control. Managers can record incoming customer calls to make sure that they are handled correctly, and to train employees on best practices for customer service.

Custom Messages

Another great feature that Green Day Café enjoys with their multi-location phone system is the ability to create custom messages. When callers dial the number and reach the automated attendant, they can hear a message created by the restaurant that is updated when needed. Customers can even listen to custom music while on hold.

This is a terrific way for the restaurant to let customers know about business hours, menu specials, or other events that are occurring in the area.

There is even a timed route feature that allows Green Day to set up two auto attendants, one with a message to play during the day and another to play after business hours. The call can even be routed to a different extension, depending on the day or time.

The ability to link multiple locations with one phone system helps Green Day Café save time and money. It allows the different locations to communicate with one another and work together as though they were at one location. They can manage groups, hold conference calls, and keep customers up to date with recorded messages.

You don’t have to be a large, multi-location business like Green Day Café to get the most out of our cloud phone system. Even a small business with three employees can find features they need at a cost that they can afford. Take a look at our video to see all of our fantastic services. Then you can use our demo or sign up for our free service to see how Call Ring Talk can help your company with your business communication needs.