Convey one-to-one messages quickly on speakerphone

Relay messages one on one to anybody in your office via CallRingTalk’s intercom feature that turns users’ phones into speakerphones and broadcasts your message automatically, even if they don’t pick up the phone. You can use the intercom to communicate with anyone in your business, even if they are on the road.

Intercom Features

  • Make short announcements

    Use the intercom feature to turn your colleague’s phone into a speaker and broadcast short messages or have conversations without making a phone call.

  • Single key for intercom

    To quickly intercom colleagues, dial 0 and the desired extension on your desk phone or softphone.

  • Auto pickup

    You don’t have to wait for your colleague to answer their phone. Their phone will automatically pick up an intercom call and broadcast your message on speakerphone.

  • Go hands-free

    Intercom uses the speakerphone of your phone, so you can have hands-free conversations.

  • Listen on any Device

    Your phone will beep to alert you to an incoming intercom call.

  • Control intercom permissions

    Use the dashboard to configure who in your business can intercom you.

  • Free feature

    Intercom facilities are free for all CallRingTalk users on all plans.

Benefits to your Business

  • Speedy communications

    Make quick announcements and have speedy conversations with colleagues, no matter where they are. Intercom facilities give you the flexibility to make short announcements to any person in the business, instead of sending an email, and are much faster than making a phone call.

  • Send quick reminders

    Need to remind specific users in your business about parked calls or visitors waiting for them? Use the intercom to announce a specific message just for the person.

  • Contact colleagues anywhere

    Intercom lets you connect quickly with colleagues no matter where they are—in the office or halfway around the world.

  • Continue uninterrupted work

    The intercom turns your phone into a speakerphone and lets you go hands-free so you can continue working while still having a conversation.

  • Ensure privacy

    If you’re interested in maintaining your privacy, use the headset even when you’re attending to intercom calls.

  • Enhance call parking

    Intercom enhances the call parking feature—park calls in the cloud and intercom specific colleagues in your business to announce the calls.