Make and Receive multiple calls at the same time

On a call already, when you see another call waiting? Don’t let callers go to voicemail or make them hear a busy tone. CallRingTalk’s Multiple Call Handling feature lets you make and receive multiple calls at the same time. This means that you don’t need to hang up an existing call to attend a new one. It lets receptionists and auto-attendants receive every caller, put the caller on hold and return to the call in turn.

Multiple Call Handling Features

  • Attend to Multiple Callers Simultaneously

    While most other phone services allow you to handle two calls at one time, we make sure that you’re able to receive and transfer multiple calls simultaneously. If a third person calls you on a traditional phone service, he will hear a busy tone or be sent straight to voicemail. But with CallRingTalk, you can make, receive and route multiple calls simultaneously.

  • Handle a High Volume of Calls

    Multiple Call Handling lets you attend to a high volume of calls from customers, clients or vendors in a growing business. The feature is especially useful for sales-oriented, customer-facing businesses.

  • Multi-line Phone

    CallRingTalk gives you a separate line for each caller, so you can put multiple callers on hold until you can answer them in turn.

  • Music on Hold

    Callers who are put on hold while you attend to other incoming calls, will be played custom music and marketing messages.

Benefits to your Business

  • Receptionists can process calls faster

    Live receptionists (or auto-attendants) can receive and handle multiple calls simultaneously, put them on hold or route them to their desired extensions.

  • Appear Professional

    Multiple Call handling is a useful feature that lets you stay connected to a large number of callers at any given time. It enhances customer service and allows you to answer every caller personally. It keeps your lines open all the time, so your business appears professional.

  • Lower Costs

    Adding new numbers to your plan costs more, but with multiple call handling, you can save money by keeping fewer numbers while still handling a high volume of calls.

  • Easy to Use

    With multiple call handling, you can easily put an ongoing call on hold and accept a new call. You can always put this new call on hold and switch back to the previous call or take another call.