Promote upcoming sales. Or serenade with Jazz.

We gave On-hold music a facelift with custom melodies and messages.

How many times have you felt like hanging up just because you’re being forced to listen to dull, repetitive, on-hold music? Don’t do that to your callers.

CallRingTalk offers high-quality, entertaining music for callers put on hold by you. Enjoyable hold music is a tiny gesture that goes a long way in projecting a fun, caring image for your business.

You can also upload your own audio to promote upcoming sales or to answer customer FAQs—this is your chance to speak to customers directly.

Music on Hold Features

  • Pre-loaded Tracks

    Choose tracks from our catalogue, ranging from eclectic Spanish Dance Music to soothing Baroque Violin.

  • Ringback or In-Queue Music

    Music on Hold can also be used in ringback for users and groups, so callers can hear it while the phone is ringing. Callers can also hear your custom messages while they are in-que.

  • Custom Messages for different departments

    You can set a different hold music for each group—department, branch or subsidiary—within your business. Each group now gets to market to its customers in a specialized way.

  • Free

    Music on Hold is free and available on all plans.

  • Cater to Caller tastes

    Customize music according to your customer demographics or preferences. Play contemporary tunes for youthful markets and classical music for your older clientele.

  • Simple Upload

    You don’t need to spend hours dealing with your phone system provider just to change the hold audio. Nor do you need to buy additional hardware if your desk phone system doesn’t support music on hold. We’ve eliminated this usual tedious, long-winding process. Now you can upload new messages or music with a few simple clicks.

  • Upload Multiple Recordings

    You have the flexibility to upload multiple messages or tunes using the dashboard from any browser.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Gain Legitimacy

    Letting callers hear background office noise makes your business look unprofessional. Music on Hold offers your business image a boost by allowing you to maintain good phone etiquette throughout.

  • Add a Personal Touch

    Greet callers with personalized greetings during the holiday season or on other special occasions. Music on Hold adds a personal touch to business while still keeping your professional image intact.

  • Retain Callers

    Keep callers happy on the line by entertaining them and reassuring them that their call is important to your business. Add value to their wait times by giving useful information.

  • Deliver Custom Marketing messages

    Music on Hold is the perfect opportunity to market to a captive audience! Record professional messages pitching new sales, promos or expanded services.  Or get creative by composing a company jingle with custom script and music.

  • Inform and update

    Use Music on Hold to answer FAQs, give directions to your store, pitch new products or invite callers to upcoming events.

  • Stay Fresh

    Keep updating your marketing messages as your business evolves.