Office Phone Service for Orlando Area Businesses

Your phone is not just a phone. Rather, your phone is also the image you present of your company. The presentation of the people handling customer calls and the technology you use are supporting features necessary to engage with customers and it speaks volumes about your company. Your business can use these features to appear larger to customers and to provide better customer service. This article answers some questions about setting up your office phone system to ensure your money is well spent and you are serving your customers in the best way possible. How do you want to present your company?
The office phone service in Orlando can help you establish yourself as a larger company. Or, perhaps you need the higher level of service of a smaller company. Depending upon the features you choose and the flow of technology, your phone service sends a message about your company’s identity, whether large or small.

What is the voice of your company?

Your office phone service in Orlando can also help you establish a voice, depending upon your image and presentation you want to give to your customers. Perhaps the company founder, or well-known employee can record targeted messages for the ‘on hold’ component of your phone service. A professional sounding voice can greatly influence a customers’ perception of the company.

What is the function of the opening menu?

Consider the use and function of your opening menu. With an office phone service in Orlando, do you want to give callers the option of contacting various department and being separated into new or current customers? With these options you can be viewed as a larger company. On the other hand, perhaps you might like the option of being quickly transferred to a live operator.

How do you want to handle recording calls?

Some people may associate the message, “Your call may be recorded for training and quality control purposes,” with larger companies. Again, your phone service in Orlando can help you identify whether this message is necessary if you want to present yourself as a small company.

Do you want to treat all phone calls in the same way?

In establishing your office phone service for Orlando, consider the type of calls you receive and how you would like these calls handled. What are common reasons people call you? What is the nature of the request and how can it best be served by your company? Do all calls have to be handled by a live person? Are there times during the day when you are flooded with calls, and why? With these questions carefully answered and considered, developing a flow chart of the information process and the flow of calls through your business can help organize your needs. Then you can more easily ensure your phone system has all requirements you need
With the numerous technology options available for your office phone service in Orlando, you can easily, effectively and economically ensure your system meets all your customers’ needs, while at the same time, ensuring you are presenting the business image that you want to create.