Announce messages to multiple colleagues quickly

Paging lets you use the built-in speakerphone of your colleagues’ deskphones to broadcast a message. Your voice will be heard over the loudspeaker of each phone you’re paging. You can page multiple extensions across your business—in the office or anywhere in the world—at the same time.

Paging Features

  • Make short announcements

    Use the paging feature to broadcast short messages and make quick announcements to colleagues in your business.

  • Communicate with multiple people

    Paging lets you make announcements to multiple people at once.

  • Page Everyone

    You can page everyone within a Group simultaneously. Use the Group feature to add as many people as you want to a Group, and send them all a page. This lets you broadcast messages to large departments or even your entire office directly and quickly.

  • Auto pickup

    You don’t have to wait for your colleague to answer their phone. Their microphones will automatically turn into loudspeakers and announce your message.

  • Go hands-free

    Paging uses the speakerphone of your phone, so you can have be hands-free even while communicating.

  • Free feature

    Paging facilities are free for all CallRingTalk users on all plans.

  • Any Device

    Paging works across a range of devices—smartphones, webphones or deskphones.

Benefits to your Business

  • Speedy communications

    Make quick announcements and have speedy conversations with colleagues, no matter where they are. Paging gives you flexibility to announce visitors, sales orders, or other office business to multiple people simultaneously, instead of calling each person individually.

  • Send quick reminders to departments

    Need to remind multiple users in a department about parked calls or visitors waiting for them? Use paging to reach multiple people in the department quickly so that the first free person can answer the call or greet visitors.

  • Continue uninterrupted work

    Because paging is hands-free, automatic, multicast communication, you don’t need to stop your work to answer a call.

  • Connect with anyone in your business

    Paging facilitates location-independent or sprawling businesses. Even if your team, department or colleagues are spread across the office or work remotely from elsewhere, you can page them quickly and connect with them instantly.

  • Save money

    Save on expensive loudspeakers or office announcement systems and use CallRingTalk’s paging feature to convey messages to multiple people at a time.