Phones for Small Business – 10 Ways the Cloud Telephony Can Make Life Easier

Wishing for a solution to fix communication challenges and the high costs of generic phone services? Turn to our cloud telephony services. We offer an affordable cloud phone system for businesses using one easy to use system.

10 ways to make your small business more successful with the cloud telephony:

Variety of phones

Our cloud phone systems allow you to make and receive phone calls from anywhere in the world with no extra hardware or extra-long distance charges. Offices with installed IP phones can even move, reconfigure, and reassign them from the management interface. The large varieties of phone types we support are: Android phones, iOS phones, Web Phone, Polycom IP5000, Yealink T28P, and many other conference phone types.

Hassle-free set-up

Cloud telephony services come with easy implementation. Since, there is no required hardware for the service and no need to visit any service location to get your phone system set up, it should only take a few minutes. We will set up the cloud telephone using your business phone number, and we will import this into our network free of charge.

Call packages


As all calls are placed digitally, and since there are no physical lines, you can save money for your business. The service allows calls from anywhere in the world to be made free of extra charge. Call packages can help save money by implementing various types of pre-meditated packages for long distance calling and handling.


On-the-go or in the office, you are able to make and receive calls, forward calls, and check up on business—all from your fingertips. Forwarding calls to a mobile phone allows you to take a call in the office and finish it on the go, as client calls can be an important part of business prosperity.

Minimum downtime

Accessing your phone from the cloud makes you available for the client at most, if not all times of the day; you can be sure that you will have the maximum up time available. Features including call forwarding from any device, emergency forwarding, and multiple call handling will ensure that clients will speak with a person rather than a machine.

Positive reputation

A strong and trusted reputation is important for an expanding business. Providing high quality service along with quick response times can keep your clients satisfied longer. Cloud telephony allows you to pick up phone calls wherever you are and transfer to the office if you are unable to take it, allowing another office employee to save the call.

Existing phone numbers

Implement toll-free and local phone numbers in the cloud telephony service. There are no required changes for existing phone numbers, keeping it easy for existing clients.


Design a phone system that is best suited for your business. Cloud telephony allows for customization of different features, such as call tagging, caller ID switch, and user directory.

Receive all messages

The voicemail to email feature with our cloud telephony makes business more efficient when there is a missed call. Client messages are received through phone messages, and you are notified through email.

Multiple locations

Most phone services require multiple services and contracts for multiple locations. Using cloud telephony services, you can implement a single cloud phone system at a one-time cost in multiple locations.