With Call Ring Talk, your computer is your phone. You can make and receive phone calls from anywhere in the world and with no hardware to buy. However, your phone system is fully compatible with all major IP PBX hardware phones and you can seemlessly use them if you want to.

If you already have IP phones, you can connect them to your phone system and use them just like you used to. You can even move, reconfigure and reassign them from your management interface.

If you want to buy new phones, we can help! We know all about this stuff, and we’ll help you pick out the perfect phones for your needs and your budget. We can even take care of ordering, shipping and configuring it for you. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite models.

All Supported Phones

Cisco7940, 7960
GrandstreamHT286, HT486, HT503
LinksysPAP2, PaP2T, SPA941
PolycomIP301, IP321, IP330, IP331, IP335, IP4000, IP430, IP450, IP500, IP5000, IP501, IP550, IP600, IP6000, IP601, IP650, IP670
SnomM3, M9
YealinkT22P, T26P, T28P