See who is free to talk — at a glance

Presence lets you view the phone status and availability of your colleagues.

No matter what type of phone you’re using—desk phone, smartphone or softphone—you can share your presence status with your co-workers to let them know if you’re busy on a call or available to talk.

You can use Presence from anywhere– even if you are working from home, you can view which employee is on a call in the office.

CallRingTalk’s presence feature makes call management a breeze and provides a strategic business edge by reducing hold times, increasing employee productivity and boosting office communications.

Presence Features

  • Monitor who is on a call

    Presence detects your call status and lets colleagues check whether you are already on the phone or available to take a call. You too can see the phone status of multiple colleagues in your team or across the organization. Now there are no more excuses for phone tag!

  • Select whose presence you want to see

    When you log into the dashboard, presence is automatically available for all employees. But on your phones, you can filter which colleagues you want to watch. For instance, you can select to monitor the statuses of only those in your team or on your frequently-called list.

  • Multiple Devices

    Presence works across a range of phone devices. You can view phone availability statuses of any colleague, regardless of whether they’re using softphones or desk phones. If a colleague is on a call, physical phones will show a busy sign for them; those with LED indicators will glow red. Other phones have corresponding menu options that can easily convey the presence status of anyone in your business.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Better-Connected Workplace

    When you can’t pop in to check if your colleague is available to take a call or not, presence lets you know immediately! Presence facilitates better connections and more efficient interactions in a distributed workplace where some employees may be telecommuting—working from home or in remote locations. Presence works across all locations—you can see the presence of colleagues in New York or LA or Hong Kong and vice versa.

  • Flexible Call Management

    When a call comes in for a specific department, Presence lets you see who’s free. Skip those who are busy on their phones and route incoming calls to employees who are available. This flexibility in call management saves valuable time for everyone.

  • Easier Transfers

    Transfer calls with certainty and speed, instead of wondering whether a particular person is busy on another call.

  • Reduced Hold Times

    You don’t have to ask customers to hold while you go and check if the person they want to speak to is available. You can view that information at-a-glance on your phone and connect inbound calls with employees faster.

  • Improved Customer Experience

    With faster transfers, reduced hold times and fewer missed calls, your customers enjoy a happier calling experience.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Presence increases office productivity since employees can transfer calls faster, call each other at mutually convenient times and see who is available for a conference call or meeting.