Ten Great Benefits to Getting VoIP for Your Small Business

It seems like a lot of people are switching and beginning to use VoIP phone services for their personal and business calling needs. The VoIP experts at Call Ring Talk are here to answer your questions about this service and how it can save money for you and your small business. Many readers may be wondering: what exactly is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)? Basically, it uses your internet connection to make telephone calls over your internet protocol. Now that you know what it is, let’s discuss how VoIP phone system saves you and your company money.

Ten Benefits VoIP Phone Systems

Signing Up Is Free

Although you will come across some VoIP services that require you to pay, at Call Ring Talk we never charge for the registration or use of a single line. It’s free at registration and will always be free, as long as you use it! Also, our rate for multiple users is very reasonable, and affordable for most small businesses.

You Get Unlimited Calling 

When you have a land line phone you are restricted in the number of minutes you can use for long distance calling. Let’s not even mention how expensive it is calling on your cell phone if you go over your allotted minutes or if you want to call long distance. When you use VoIP, your usage is truly unlimited and you can use the service as much as you want, including for long distance calling. You can call anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world.

No Extra Equipment 
If you have an internet connection, a computer and speakers, you are ready to go. You don’t have to spend money on any fancy hardware or costs for installation of equipment. Also, you don’t have to shut down for hardware conversion. This can be very pricey for a company, VoIP phone systems saves your company a lot of money in many ways.

It Makes Your Company More Productive 

When you have VoIP service it is really easy for your employees to telecommute and work from home. If employees can work remotely it makes it easier for employees to have access to the office and be productive at home. This means that an employee may not be out of commission for an extended period of time. Your business still has the support of that employee from home.

VoIP phone systems can be extremely cost effective way to save a small business a lot of money. You can sign up for the service for free. You are also not limited in your use of the service, and it’s great that you don’t have to pay for long distance charges either. You also don’t have to pay for extra equipment to make the VoIP phone system works for you. It also helps your employees to work remotely from home, when they can’t physically make it into the office. Check out the services that we offer at Call Ring Talk, and get our VoIP phone services for your company.