Ten Reasons to Use a Cloud Based Phone System

Today, it seems that anything can be done via the internet, everything from banking to shopping. Why shouldn’t your business phone join in? Landlines are fast becoming outdated. Here are some reasons why your business should switch over to a cloud based phone system.

It’s a powerful connection tool

Cloud based phones do more than simply let people talk voice to voice. With this technology, you can receive messages, voicemail, record or forward calls. It also allows cell phone integration and multiple call handling.

International calls

When you make calls internationally with a traditional landline phone, they will charge you for this service and your bill will increase. With cloud connected phone service, it does not matter where you are calling; you still pay the same flat monthly rate for your internet service.

The features are always current

If your phone system is on an internet cloud connection, you do not have to worry about the latest updates and installing new software. This is all done automatically by the cloud service.

You get the same features as traditional phone service

One great benefit to using the internet connected phone service is that you still get the same great add-ons that you do with your old landline. If you want voicemail, you can receive voicemail in email form or in your browser. Except now, it is even better because you can have your voicemails sent to your email in Mp3 format.

It is easy to work from home

If you are a business owner and your company decides to go cloud based phone service, and if the infrastructure is in place, it is very simple for employees to connect and work from home if they need to. This is a great way to provide workers with flexibility and create work-life balance.

Less money for hardware

If you already own a computer, then a cloud based phone system just makes sense. There is no need to worry about the cost of hardware. Many computers today come with built in web cams and two-way speakers. Why spend the money on multiple landline handsets when you have all the equipment anyway?

It is flexible and portable

What is great about the cloud based phone system is that it is controlled by a username and password, not by specific hardware. This means that it can be used from anywhere in the world.

It can reduce costs

If a business uses an internet based phone system in a cloud environment, the costs are reduced significantly. It is less expensive than traditional landlines as the calls are placed over the WiFi. Also, it is easy to set up and requires no additional hardware costs.

More than two-way calling

With cloud based phone systems, you can have conference calls where multiple people can join a conversation, anywhere and anytime.

If you are interested in incorporating a cloud based phone system into your business, contact us at Call Ring Talk today.