Route calls differently during and after business hours

Timed Routes helps you manage incoming calls better and boosts customers’ experience

Timed Routes is a convenient application that can send inbound calls to different directions, based on the time of the day. It lets you control how your phones get answered during and after business hours, and during weekdays or weekends.

Here’s how it works. Usually, a phone number is set to a particular destination, say a desk phone at your office. But you can make a time-based rule—known as the timed route—which can modify the path of any call that comes in to that number. So, at 9 am, the timed route can send the call to your desk phone, but after 5 pm, the timed route can send the call straight to voicemail.

Timed Routes Features

  • Easy set up

    Timed Routes is easy to use. All you have to do is specify the two routes and the start and end times, and Timed Routes is all-set to work. For instance, you could set route 1 to your extension number and route 2 to your cell phone number. Start time is 9 am and end time is 5 pm. With those conditions specified, timed routes will direct your call to route 1—your extension number—during 9am-5pm. After 5 pm though, the timed route will automatically switch to the second route you specified—your cellphone.

    So all incoming calls can be directed in two different directions depending on the time of the day. You can also set timed routes to make the switch between routes according to the day of the week. This is useful for routing calls differently during weekdays as opposed to weekends.

  • Routes Call according to a Schedule

    Timed routes is an auto- scheduler that allows you to send calls to different paths based on the time of the day.

  • Customize timed routes for each number

    You can set different timed routes (rules) for each number within your business, to direct calls to different directions—be it voicemail, another extension or auto-attendant—at different times of the day. For instance, you could set a timed route to direct calls to your sales team during business hours and to your back office support team after business hours.

  • Easy Management

    Timed routes is an application that is easily accessed through the dashboard.

Timed Routes Benefits

  • Improve Customer Experience

    Timed Routes can help guide customers during busy times or after-hours, so that they feel that they were served properly every time. Timed routes makes you look professional—like you’ve thought of every tiny detail of your customer’s experience. And of course, well-treated customers means better business.

  • Flexibility in Managing Calls

    Study your incoming call traffic pattern and route calls to particular destinations during specific times or days of the week. For instance, you can route calls to East coast or west coast offices depending on the time of the day when a particular office is most free to receive calls. Or if different employees are available at different times, timed routes can make sure callers get to a representative of your business as fast as possible.

  • Automatic and Time-Saving

    Timed routes can be set to turn on/off at specified times of day or days of the week. For example, timed routes can come into effect once office hours are over or during the weekends. You won’t need to make changes to your auto-attendant every day or every weekend.

  • Manage Busy Times

    During certain times of the day, your call volume may increase. Route calls to home-based workers or support staff during these busy periods of the day, to ensure that a higher number of calls are answered quickly.

  • Increase efficiency

    If you’ve got shift workers, or people with unusual timings, route their calls to another number during the time that they’re out of office. Timed routes lets you plan your inbound call management depending on employee availability.

  • Never Miss a Call, even after- hours

    If customers call after- hours, your usual auto-attendant will simply send the call to whatever department they’re looking for. The only problem? There’s no one there to take the call! Instead of sending those calls to the departments’ voicemails, why not set up a timed route that can route the call to your on-call sales person who might be working from home? This way, you never have to miss a potential sale.