Quickly change where your calls are headed

Your receptionist has to head out for lunch, but your clients don’t know that, do they? Instead of letting the calls ring unanswered during lunch break, the receptionist can quickly direct incoming calls to an auto-attendant, using “toggle routes.”

Toggle routes is a handy application that you can use to quickly “toggle” or switch which way a call is headed.

Toggle Routes is the perfect solution to control your call routing whenever you’re changing locations. It’s easy to use too—you can switch the destination of an inbound call using your phone’s keypad.

Toggle Routes Features

  • On-the-Fly Control of Incoming Calls

    Toggle routes is easy and convenient to use, giving you the ability to change the direction of your incoming calls on-the-fly.

  • Easy Management

    Toggle routes is easily accessible through the dashboard. Change the destination of incoming calls with a few simple clicks, whenever you need.

Toggle Routes Benefits

  • Be location independent

    With toggle routes, you have the freedom to move around your office or warehouse. All you need to do to make sure you never miss a call, is quickly toggle the calls coming to your deskphone, to now come to your cellphone instead. Once you’re back at your desk, you can switch back the call destination.

  • Follow a flexi-schedule

    If you work in a dynamic business, you’re probably in and out of your office very often. Toggle routes lets you attend client meetings, go on site visits or step out of your office anytime you want—and still receive all important business calls. If you’re not on a set schedule, use toggle routes to change incoming calls to ring whichever phone you’re available on at the moment.