Unlimited calling to any number in the US

Slash phone costs with unlimited local and long distance calls

Most traditional companies have a monthly quota of minutes, and you have to pay extra if you go beyond your quota. But all CallRingTalk plans come with unlimited local or long distance calling to any number in the U.S.

This means you can talk as long as you want, as often as you want, without worrying about your phone bill.

The average telephone costs of a small business can easily run into thousands of dollars, especially during busy months. You don’t want to be in a position where you’re telling your sales reps to hurry through a call just so you can keep your communication costs low.

We understand how crucial your phone conversations are, but we also realize that telecommunication costs can sometimes get out of hand.

This is why we believe in providing unlimited calling for a flat rate—so you can focus on doing business, knowing that no matter how much you’re talking, you’ll never exceed your budget.

Unlimited Calling Features

  • Slash your Phone Bill

    Unlimited calling gives you a business advantage over your competitors who are still running up massive phone bills. You’ll only get one bill from us every month—of a low, fixed amount. We’ll always strive to provide you the most cost-effective way to communicate with clients, vendors and employees across the country.

  • Low International Rates

    Is your team multinational? No problem! Make international phone calls to cities around the world at extremely low rates—usually a fraction of what traditional phone services charge. And if you’re using the CallRingTalk mobile app over a Wi-Fi or data network, then all your calls to other CallRingTalk users in your business are free.

  • A Single Bill

    Simplify your life with a single, fixed bill every month. You won’t get billed extra for making more calls. No unexpected charges—the same low rate every month.

  • No Hidden Clauses

    There are no hidden clauses or complicated rules regarding time of day, weekend usage, etc.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Deliver quality customer care

    Take your time on the line. You don’t have to worry about soaring telephone bills during busy months. Now you can truly listen to your customers and engage with them for as long as needed, without worrying about running up a massive bill. Carry on calls for as long as you need to convince customers and close your sale.

  • Reduce Cell Phone Minutes

    If you use the free CallRingtalk app, over a Wi-Fi or data network, you can use your cell phone to make and receive unlimited calls at a flat rate, and save money on your carrier’s cell phone plan.

  • Unlimited conference calling

    As a related benefit of unlimited calling, you get unlimited conference calling too! Dial into a conference call and collaborate for as long as you like, without worrying about call costs or rushing through important business decisions. You can call vendors in L.A., clients in New York or employees in Houston, without worrying about the cost of long distance communication.

  • Call from Any Device

    Unlimited calling is available on all devices, including desk phones and computers.