Let callers find your employees by name

User Directory gives callers a shortcut to the extension of the employee that they want to speak to. It’s a dial-by-name directory, where callers are asked to input the first few letters of a person’s name and are connected to their desired contact automatically.

It’s often not practical to announce the names and extensions of each person in a large organization. So CallRingTalk features an interactive user directory that lets callers search, locate and connect with their desired contacts quickly and conveniently, without having to listen to a long menu or list.

User Directory Features

  • Search an employee by name

    When callers call your business, they might be looking for someone specific, say JOHN DOE in Marketing. The caller may know your business’s main phone number, but not John’s extension. In this case, the User directory feature of CallRingTalk comes in handy. It prompts callers to input the first three letters of the first or last name of the person they want to reach. In this case, the letters would be JOH or DOE. You can set the directory to be searchable by the first name or the last name.

  • Free Service

    CallRingTalk’s Dial-by-name User directory is a free service.

  • Locate and connect with the person

    Once callers input the first few letters of a person’s name, an automated attendant will find the closest match within your business. The auto-attendant will repeat the person’s full name back to the caller, and if the caller confirms they’ve found the person they need, then the auto-attendant will announce the employee’s extension number and even connect the call.

  • Opt-out of listings

    Those who want to screen callers have the option of not being searchable within the user directory. So, CEOs need not worry about every call coming through to their extension.

  • Easy to Update

    The user directory is extremely easy to setup. Employees in your business can input their extension details directly. Whenever there are staff changes in your business, update users in the dashboard and the user directory will get updated automatically.

User Directory Benefits

  • Save employee time

    You don’t need a live receptionist to help each caller. Many callers know the exact person they want to speak to, even if they don’t know the extension of the person. The user directory lets these callers quickly input details and reach their destination directly. This gives your employees more time to focus on other important tasks.

  • Help Callers find employees easily

    Callers don’t have to wait to speak to a live receptionist, only to be transferred around the organization till they find their desired contact. Our self-service user directory boosts caller experience by letting callers get to their destination conveniently and quickly.

  • Better after-hours service

    Callers who call after-hours can reach their contact’s personal voicemail and leave a message quickly.