Listen to your voicemails via your email inbox

Whenever someone leaves you a voicemail, CallRingTalk emails you the audio recording as an mp3.

Instead of going through the extensive voicemail menu of your phone or logging into the dashboard every time to check your voicemail, you can now access voicemails easily through your email inbox.

Every time someone leaves you a message, we send you an instant email, with the whole audio recording of the voicemail attached. Download the voicemail to your computer or phone or listen in directly from your email.

Voicemail to Email Features

  • Voicemails stored in your email inbox

    You get a record of every voicemail in your email. Most phone companies provide a limited capacity for storing voicemails, but email inboxes usually come with large (even unlimited) capacity, allowing you to retain voicemail recordings for much longer.

  • Listen on any Device

    The voicemail to email feature sends you the voicemail as an mp3 attachment that you can playback on any device including tablets, laptops, Android phones and iPhones.

  • Easy Setup

    Voicemail to email is very easy to setup. All you need to do is to go into the dashboard and select the option to send voicemails as attachments to your email.

  • Free and instant notification

    Voicemails get sent to your email inbox immediately so that you can hear important messages right away. Best of all, voicemail to email is a free service.

Benefits of Voicemail to email

  • Fast and Convenient

    Some smart phones may let you pick and choose individual voicemails to listen to, but many business phones still take you through every voicemail on your system before you reach the one you want. They’ll ask you to “Press 1 to delete” or “Press 2 to Save” etc.  Eliminate this cumbersome process, by selecting the email you want to see simply by looking up the date, client’s name or number in your email inbox.

  • Easy Reference

    Voicemail to email is also accompanied by the caller ID of the person, their number, time and date when the voicemail was left.

  • Search by Caller ID

    Type in a number or client’s name in the email’s search box to view all voicemails (and call logs) from that client.

  • Collaborate and Follow-up

    Voicemail to email makes it much easier to collaborate with team members. You can forward the voicemail mp3 attachments to any colleague or concerned third party for follow-up action. Voicemail to email also keeps things moving when you’re stuck in a meeting. If you see that an important client has left you a voicemail, you can simply forward the attachment to a colleague or assistant to ensure that the clients’ needs are attended to immediately.

  • Keep a record

    Now you can keep a permanent record of any important orders, bulk purchases or customer information conveyed via voicemail. You can always search through your emails to reference a particular voicemail, or view the date and time stamp when the voicemail was left to you.